Bharatanatyam Dance Classes

Meet Our Team

Prajyoti Madhusudan (Bharatnatyam Dance Teacher)

“Prajyoti Madhusudan is the Founder and Artistic Director of Pushpanjali Dance Company, a Dancer, Teacher and Storyteller, with a vision of Making Art Accessible’ to people of all ages and from all walks of life. This vision is reflected in her work, where she offers people the opportunity to experience and enjoy a variety of dances through dance training, performances and workshops.

Prajyoti has been training students in the traditional and classical dance form Bharatanatyam for over 22 years, where they are trained for exams, shows and arangetrams.

The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance examinations are accredited qualification which offers the students opportunities to pursue a career in dance.

After a minimum of seven years of training, students are also trained for their ‘Arangetram’ which is a graduation performance done by a dancer on completion of formal training.

Having given numerous performances in India and the UK, and has toured dance productions such as Dashavatar and Devi extensively across UK, Prajyoti tries to offer her students plenty of performance opportunities at various cultural and charities events, festivals, Every year Prajyoti and the entire team at Pushpanjali Dance Company organise an annual dance show called ‘Natya Utsavam’ where all the students showcase their talents. as well as Students have also performed at the Manchester and Dussera Mela, BBC TV Blue Peter Show to name few.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: How long does it take for Bharatanatyam student to prepare for Arangetram?
  • A: It can take between 7 to 9 years of training before a student is ready for Arangetram.
  • Q: What is the dress code?
  • A: Loose and comfortable Kurta/ long top with salwar/ leggings for younger kids and practice saree for older students.
  • Q: Can the students wear jewellery to class?
  • A: Only small ear studs and no necklaces or bangles for younger kids.
  • Q: Are there any dance exams?
  • A: Yes students can appear for the ISTD exams
  • Q: Is it compulsory for students to take exams?
  • A: No it is not compulsory for any of my students to take dance exams.
  • Q: Will the students be allowed to perform at cultural events during their training ?
  • A: Bharatanatyam students are encouraged to perform whenever they get the opportunity. However, students have to inform the teacher and make sure that they practice well before giving any performances, to ensure high standards.
  • Q: Are parents allowed to sit in class during lessons?
  • A: No, Parents are not allowed to sit in any dance class. Children should be dropped off and picked up on time.
  • Q: Are the fees paid upfront or on completion of class?
  • A: Fees are collected at the beginning of the term for group classes and for four hours in advance for private classes.

For further information or to register for classes, please email Prajyoti Madhusudan, Artistic Director, Pushpanjali Dance Company – [email protected]/strong>