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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see the colourful characters from magical fairy tales jump out of books and brought to life....? ​​​a dream every child has while reading fascinating stories of love, courage and natural beauty.​

Pushpanjali Dance Company has done just that through their latest Dance production of ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’. Using colourful costumes, graceful Dances and melodious music from India, this production helps to enrich children’s imagination by taking them on a magical journey.

Aimed particularly at schools, Pushpanjali aspires to educate children about stories from other cultures by introducing them to theatre as a unique form of entertainment.

Due to the success of the pilot performance in February 2009 Pushpanjali Dance will be touring this spectacular production to schools and venues.

The company offers workshops for schools, and training for teachers in the skills of Indian dance and story-telling

What our clients say



The music and costumes were very imaginative
and I liked the way the dancers expressed
themselves without words!


Crumpsall Lane Primary School Mrs Halim


The joint effort was most impressive
the blend between eastern classical
and an age old traditional tale was cleverly exploited.
I loved it.



Chetana Shah Ofsted Inspector and Education Consultant


The performance was a wonderful interpretation,
which breathed new life into this well loved traditional tale.
The choreography was superb
and the dancers told the story in such a dynamic way
that it mesmerised myself and my 3 children aged 3, 7 and 9!



St John Fisher & Thomas More Primary School Mr. D. Hemington – Headteacher


Snow White helped us to learn about Indian culture – I felt like I was in India

I didn’t know about that sort of dancing – it made me want to learn more

It was clever how they used dancing to speak

the music and costumes were very imaginative

I really enjoyed the interaction with the audience especially the teachers


The Students of Crumpsall Primary School

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