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Dance your way to fitness with Natya Aerobics Dancercise – A New Form of Workout

Movements from various dance genres such as Bollywood, Indian Folk, Modern, Hip-hop, Yoga and Indian Classical Dance have been fused together to create exciting and invigorating exercise routines that are suitable for people of all ages and abilities and are guaranteed to get your feet tapping, body moving and heart racing.


Natya Aerobics Dancercise offers a creative approach to keeping active and healthy with a cultural emphasis. These dances can be enjoyed by the entire family and can be done at educational institutions, gyms, leisure centres and corporate offices.

Natya Aerobics Dancercise is an excellent way of encouraging everyone to take up dance as a form of fitness.


Workout 1 - Low Impact Dance Workout

This routine has movements inspired by the vibrant folk dances of India and is set at a medium pace to offer you a low impact workout. Begins with a warm-up and ends with a short stretch and tone section.

Workout 2 - High Impact Dance Workout

The modern style of Bollywood dance and the traditional Indian classical dance style Bharatanatyam have been fused together to offer a high impact workout. The continuous rhythmic, fast-paced movements provide a good cardiovascular workout. Begins with a warm up and ends with a short stretch and tone section.

Workout 3 - Stretch and Tone

This routine combines Bharatanatyam movements and yoga postures in a calming routine that helps you focus on stretching, strengthening and toning the various muscle groups in your body. Begins with a short warm up to prepare the body for a good strong stretch.

Workout 4 - Total Body Workout

A short version of all the dance routines have been put together in this workout for a total body workout including warm up, low impact, high impact and stretch & tone workout. This workout offers you the option of either getting a quick workout by choosing any one of the tracks or opting for a total body workout by doing all the routines.


Natya Aerobics DVD



Concept and Choreography: Prajyoti Madhusudan

Direction and Editing: Divya Raghuram

Music: Pramath Kiran

Cinematography: Balaji Manohar and Satish V M

Dancers: Prajyoti Madhusudan, Aruna Bhargavi, Tejesh K Murthy, Varun Sharma, Navya Shree, Rohit, Tejas

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